About Us

About VXE Painting & Decorating

VXE Painting & Decorating has been providing reliable service with over 8 years industry experience and expertise. We are passionate about what we do and care about our customers enough to go above and beyond, that naturally reflects in our consistent high standards and quality of the work we provide.

We understand the importance of close relationships with valued owners and take time to fully understand the requirements and talk through the important preparation process that ensures all the work will be carried out as perceived by our client and avoid delays to achieve a healthier aesthetically pleasing property.

We are continually improving quality standards of our work through regular inspection by project managers for quality control to ensure a high quality finish is provided, ask for a feedback from our customers after the work is completed and keeping up with the latest advancements with the aim to invest in new innovative products to deliver improved, faster and low-cost professional service.

Professional Skills

We are continually looking to advance our knowledge and skills with the latest products and events so we can help you protect the interior and exterior of your home done by experienced professionals.

Painting & Decorating79%
Customer Service71%

Our Services

VXE Painting & Decorating provides all kind of interior and exterior painting by our professional where quality is the most important aspect of our work and service.